On a mission to #EatMoreOysters, our shucking classes return in partnership with Billion Oyster Project.

When it comes to food, our choices matter most. This summer, we’re celebrating the return of oysters to restaurant menus by getting shucking knives back in the hands of New Yorkers. On every half shell, you support ecological, economical, and equitable seafood which not only preserves the health of our waterways, but mends it.

It’s time to grow foods that fix our oceans, not harm them.

To keep oysters alive, we’ve got to start eating more of them.

Yes, you read that correctly. Eating farmed oysters may be our only hope in restoring the wild ones we’ve lost and the health of our oceans.

Oysters are an essential species in rebuilding ecosystems…

As our climate changes, so does our seafood — and it might be telling us something. Here’s what we’re learning from our oysters, supply chain and taste buds as we battle the pandemic and our biggest environmental crisis.

If you eat oysters as often as we do, you know how delicious, diverse, and delicate they are. Oysters are the wine grapes of the sea — where unique flavors, shapes, colors and sizes are cultivated by the smallest environmental factors. Off-bottom cultures battle gravity and pressure, the briniest oysters filter the saltiest waters, and the life of a bed can begin…

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